Print Editions!

Keep a ready eye out for our next print edition, which will invade campus in October of 2016. Be ready. Like Parking and Transportation Services, Cthulu himself, or a well-placed pun, we may strike anywhere, at any time. 

…in the meantime, check out our previous nonsense!

University of Kentucky Administration Makes Good Decisions

Our most recent April 2016 edition: don’t sNEWS and miss the NOOZE…(I warned you!)


Our February 2016 edition: moooo click here mootherfuckers


Our December 2015 edition: awww yeahhh, click here, I promise you won’t regret it…that much


Our October 2015 edition: yes sir this surely is a paper


Our Fall 2014 edition: oh shit it’s the one that was printed in color