Does Bernie Sanders Still Have a Chance?

Displayed is Sanders’ new “A Future to Believe In” slogan. This is representative of his new time-traveling campaign direction.


Even though Trump technically “won” the election, the fact of the matter is: Bernie Sanders still has a chance. Some scientists think that work on a time machine will be complete within the next month, meaning mankind could go back and make better decisions before we are officially doomed.

79% of Democrats reported that if they had to do it again, they would choose Sanders this time around in the primary election. The other 21%, of course, are wrong. This is strong evidence to suggest that one of these people would use a time machine and go back to a past where we would know how our poor decision making in the primary elections would play out today. This would probably be illegal, but since time travel technology will be so new, there won’t be any regulations yet, so who knows! Maybe the government will let them get away with it since it is in the best interest of the American public.

But are we sure Bernie lost in the first place? If we look at superdelegates in this general election, Bernie, Hillary, and even Trump tied. We should ignore these superdelegates, and possibly even ask these important voters to reconsider. Of course, this tie was a three way tie for zero superdelegates, but if they re-voted, Bernie may still pull ahead.

Another way Bernie Sanders could still win is if the election results are recounted, but this time, Sanders counts the votes himself. Political scientists aren’t confident that this will work, but most say that this is the best way to secure a Sanders presidency. This is also probably illegal, but at this point in the race, who hasn’t done something majorly illegal? It’s all fair game now (Not literally fair of course, seeing how the primaries went).

Even though we now have a “definitive” winner, Sanders could still rise up. Scientists, please get on that time travel technology.

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