University of Kentucky Administration Makes Good Decisions


This week’s UK Now email newsletter contained exceedingly exciting news—the addition of new, affordable dorms built with UK students in mind. The project is going to include remodels of older dorms as well as several new buildings. Altogether, the new housing options are expected to accommodate 1500 new students. They will include additional parking structures, in-hall dining areas, and state-of-the-art wireless internet.

“We just really wanted to do what was best for students,” said Residence Life employee Diana Glade. “All of us who work in Residence Life understand how much it costs to live on campus, and we wanted to make sure that there were affordable alternatives available.” This report was echoed in statements from staff throughout the UK administration later in the week.

Along with this news came the announcements that the university will begin steadily lowering tuition over the coming years, and that Aramark will be stepping down as the head of UK Dining.

By Nadia Geddit

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