Participate in Our Article Contest!

Hey, you! Yes, you!

Are you affiliated with UK in some way, shape or form?

Are you proficient or  at least slightly less than proficient at constructing sentences and/or sketching political cartoons?

Do you like money?

If your answer to these questions is “big positivo on that,” you should submit an article/cartoon to the Annual UK Colonel Article/Cartoon contest.

When’s the deadline, you ask. The deadline is Thursday, April 17, at midnight.

What must I do, you ask. Sketch a political cartoon or write a satirical article between 250 and 2,5000 words covering an issue of your choosing, from UK Basketball, to ObamaCare, to George W. Bush’s self-portraits.

Does George W. Bush really have self-portraits, you ask. Yes, yea he does. Look it up. You can thank us later.

What’s in it for me, you ask. First place prize for the political cartoon. First place prize for the article contest is $50. Second place prize for the article contest is $20. Third place for the article contest is $10. In addition, each of these finalists will have an opportunity to appear in the UK Colonel’s final printed issue this semester.

Does free will exist, you ask.  For the answer to this, or any other question you might about the UK Colonel or life in general, please email us at

Happy submitting,

the Colonel staff

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