Graphic Propaganda Displayed on Campus

LEXINGTON—Students were startled at pictures of holocaust victims and playboy models displayed outside the Whitehall Classroom Building on Wednesday, November 13. The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, a national anti-sex group that holds demonstrations on many college campuses, erected signs and passed out pamphlets at the request of the UK Christian Student Fellowship.

“WARNING GENOCIDE PHOTOS AHEAD” signs were placed along the walkways leading up to the demonstration to warn students of the graphic content ahead. The University required these signs be posted so virgin-eyed students could take an alternate route, UK spokeswoman Kathy Johnson said. She would not say whether she was still “going down” on Capiluto.

Capiluto also refused to address our question, saying instead, “We wanted this campaign to be accessible to every student. Most students avoid the free speech zone. At the University of Kentucky, we want everyone to understand the putrescence of their own bodies and expression. That’s why we displayed this message in one of the highest trafficked areas of campus.”

“For so many people sex is just a word that means ‘good time’,” said Maggie Egger, project director for the Center for Bio-Ethical Research. “But the pictures force them to realize the unbearable hideousness of the human body.”

Billboards compared pictures of women experiencing orgasms to near-cremated holocaust victims citing nakedness and helplessness as similarities between sex partners and holocaust victims. One protestor analyzed a particular image of what is colloquially known as the “doggy style.”

“Both of these people are in great torment and pain,” she explained. “The woman looks like she’s been crying and the man’s face is contorted, his mouth open in a silent scream. They’re yelling in misery.”

A photograph of a crying, starved holocaust victim stood erect beside this image. This campaign has aroused many students’ attention as hundreds hurried past concealing boners and blushing.

“These pictures are horrible to look at because they represent a reality that is horrible,” Maggie ejaculated.

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform also expressed their deep enjoyment of Brother Jebb’s reminder that sex—in addition to being a disgusting and painful action—also causes cancer.

-Peter T. Hopkins

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