What Do YOU Think? Readers Write…

I am writing into the paper today to express how impressed I am with the city of Chicago’s progress. Many may not think it is what it used to be. Me and my wife took a trip there a few weeks ago for our anniversary. We was amazed at how intact everything was downtown. To think that only a few years ago one of them alien robots knocked out a dozen skyscrapers and destroyed other parts of the city. We were moved by their progress. Why nobody could even tell us where the office building that got blown up was. Said they didn’t know what we was talking about. They had already pushed it out of their memory.

The other building by the river they ripped the tops off looked as good as new and the Hotel of Mr. Trumps was as shiny as could be. There wasn’t even any ruble anywhere. You couldn’t even tell it ever happened. The only part that hasn’t quite got back on their feet is the south side. It still looks like there was a war, but a lot of the rubble is clear. A lot of sorry lookin people there too, must have got hit hard. All in all it was real nice. Congratulations Chicago.

by Bill McCormack

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