College Sophomore is Dumped by Boyfriend, Soothed by Beyoncé

Earlier this week, Sophomore Hailey Miller’s boyfriend broke up with her. Last night she created the Ultimate Break-Up playlist consisting only of Beyoncé songs.

“Music is what feelings feel like and her words are my emotions. She’s the epitome of the strong woman I aspire to be,” Hailey remarked when asked what drew her to Beyoncé’s music.

She has even gone so far as to tweeting her favorite verses:

“I can have another you in a minute, matter fact, he’ll be here in a minute.”

“Up in the club, we just broke up, I’m doin’ my own little thing.”

When asked what her intentions were behind this, she responded, “Oh no, it’s not like I’m passive aggressively tweeting these knowing my ex will see them. I just feel like it’s all lyrical poetry to me. I’m sharing the beauty and the anger of her words with others and I’m totally not trying to make him feel like shit. I hate drama. I like keeping my private life, private. Fuck you Chad.”

Later that evening she tweeted, “Me myself and I, that’s all I got in the end. I took a vow that from now on I’m gonna be my own best friend.”

We tried asking Hailey’s ex-boyfriend, Chad, how he was handling the break-up. Unfortunately, he could not be reached because he was too busy playing GTA.

by Kitty Parsons

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