Big Blue Madness Approaching

October is among us, and that can only mean one thing: Halloween. But before that, there’s UK’s favorite late-night event. Big Blue Madness. People will camp out in advance for about a week on the sidewalks surrounding Memorial Coliseum to get tickets to witness the first practice of the season for the Women’s Basketball team.

“The fact that people will camp out on the cold, hard ground for days to watch us practice is just nuts,” remarks Women’s Basketball coach, Matthew Mitchell. “It does our players a lot of good to know how many people support them and to the extent that they do.” Popular events during women’s portion of Big Blue Madness include the blue-white scrimmage, the lay-up contest, and the elbow jump shot competition. Fans attending Big Blue Madness are encouraged to stick around for the men’s portion to show support for both teams.

by Chester Cumberbatch

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