Boomslang Splinter Group Promises to Host More Bands You’ve Never Heard Of

While the popular local festival, Boomslang, is into it’s second night of art showcases and music acts, what the people are really taking about is the splinter group that is going off to form their own festival full of bands they promise you’ve definitely never heard of. The Colonel was able to speak to the leader of this group, Dacoda Twig Philips, about what caused this split and what this new group has to offer.

“We just felt like the whole viiiibe of Boomslang had really changed. Like there were totally way too many people that were wearing jeans and t-shirts totally made by sweatshops at last night’s Garbage Ocean gig. It was like people already knew this band existed. I was totally pissed.” Philips then proceeded to spend five minutes on his iPhone texting before he continued talking to us.

“So me and a couple of my friends from Good Foods decided that we should totally start our own festival and have bands that people definitely haven’t heard of. We’re going to name it Gnalsmoob and we’re going to have bands like Echo Books, who are like this Norwegian electro-pop/death metal group from Kansas. And were thinking about trying to get Sequince*, who mix Yiddish folk songs with Gregorian chanting set to old Beastie Boys instrumentals.”

Philips said that the Gnalsmoob festival was set to begin October 18th, 2013. That of course is same night as Big Blue Madness. When asked if there were any concerns about having the two being on the same say Philips replied, “I don’t really think people go to that anymore.”

By Jay O’Malley

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