New School Year Resolutions

Coming back to school in the fall is like starting a whole new year for most students. And just like what those middle-aged women or lonely bachelors do on New Year’s, college kids set resolutions. Everyone can tell that those check lists and internal promises are vital to their success. They stick to these goals and not a thing can draw them away.

After polling some students around campus, I’ve found the top three resolutions to live by on the University of Kentucky’s campus.

1. Get at least 8 hours of sleep.
Everyone knows that a good night’s rest is vital to the health and success of any student. Getting to bed before one in the morning is an obvious method to keep you on top of the ball in every class. It’s so easy to achieve, too. No workload will ever keep students up until dawn, chugging cups of coffee all the while. There’s no way you’d have that much to do.

2. Begin working on homework as soon as it’s assigned.
If given three days to write a five-page paper, of course students will begin working on it the day it’s assigned. There is absolutely never any students the library late at night, or extremely early in the morning, slaving away at a paper whose due date is only hours off. That just wouldn’t be smart, now would it?

3. Don’t drink when you’ve got class the next morning.
Getting smashed on the weekends is bad enough in the eyes of every student on campus, so why would anyone do it when the threat of class with a hangover is present? No student thinks, “Well, I don’t have class until one…” and then turns up a bottle. What kind of intelligent decision-making skills would that be?

All the students who have made these resolutions are staying strong after these first couple of weeks in. There’s not been a single late night or procrastination or drinking games for any of them. Not at all…

By Lauren Jay

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