Obama: I have a drone

The Colonel has attended and transcribed Barack Obama’s “I have a drone” speech for the convenience of UK Colonel readers. The speech was delivered on the 50th anniversary of the March On Washington for Jobs and Freedom on Wednesday, August 28th, 2013:

I have a drone, that one day, will strike thousands of innocent men, women, and children, and take their lives. And in that drone will be uranium mined by indigenous peoples upon whose land the uranium waste will spill and be stored. I have a drone, that one day will not judge by the color of your skin but by the wear of your head and the middle of your easternness. I have a drone, that one day, people in Pakistan, Somalia, Mali, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Syria will stand hand in hand as they mourn for the dead, cry for the wed, reach for the bled and there will be dread as that drone button’s clicked for the go-ahead my fellow Americans I have a drone. I have a drone, that one day, will be fixed by men behind joysticks; PTSD from behind the TV as children look up and see not the buzz of a bumblebee but of what they cannot say – only kneel and begin to pray as they’re blown. I have a drone, that one day will be threated upon the Jonas brothers in ajoke and it will not be funny for those for whom the light shone from behind that drone. I have a drone that will blow up every mountaintop. I’ve been to that mountaintop and I own it! The arc of the drone strike is long, but it bends towards death and fascist imperialism.

By Mock Breade

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