UK Student Might Rate Professor as a “2”


As UK students eagerly anticipate the end of term, many are forming summer plans. “I’m heading to Florida to get a tan,” gushed freshman music major Malory Guffman. “I’m white as paste.”

Some students, however, are still wrestling with evaluating their professors.

Junior computer science major Joseph Rhonda is struggling. “These things are really important, aren’t they? I mean, people get raises if they teach really good,” he expressed. At the same time, he is frustrated.

“My professor showed up to class late every once in awhile, and sometimes he just wasn’t prepared. He went so fast on his PowerPoints and didn’t explain things clearly. But the topic was good — political science —and I got a lot out of the textbook readings. He’s definitely somewhere between a ‘1’ and a ‘2.’”

Mr. Rhonda went on to explain that his professor rarely wore a tie, and that his jokes were not that funny. “He tried. Don’t get me wrong, he tried to be engaging. But each new attempt fell flat.” The class in question was an introduction level political science class.

Many students felt similarly ambivalent. Some said they gladly skipped class whenever they could. Others, however, really enjoyed the class. “This was my best class this semester,” said Xaxier Zalawaby. “I learned a ton, and have really good notes.”

Mr. Rhonda was not so enthusiastic. “I’m not gonna lie. Sometimes I got to class and was like, ‘Really? YouTube?’ I mean, you’re a professional teacher — can’t you actually prepare a lecture?”

Mr. Rhonda expressed that he does not want to ruin anyone’s career, but he’s leaning towards giving the professor a “2.”

“I think I’ll probably go a little easy on the eval. But on I’m going to let him have it.”

When asked whether he would give his professor a “hot” chili, he said a definite No.

By Pseudo-Dionysius

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