Unknown Fetishes of 2013

We all know sexual fetishes are becoming less taboo and more accepted in today’s society, a la spanking, biting, foot touching, ass worshiping. (Mmm, thanks 50 Shades of Grey!) Perhaps you’re ready to unlock and expand upon your fetish, but you don’t know where to start. No worries! 2013 is full of fetishes that are waiting to be explored; perhaps one of these pleases your fancy:

  • Eyelash Fetish: Oh, man. Ever noticed how sexy the hair aligning your eyeball is? Yeah, you have!
  • Tipping Fetish: There’s just something so sexy about leaving even more money for half-assed service at the table.
  • Clue Fetish: Butler! Candlestick! Game Room! Moan!
  • Manicure Fetish: Get turned on while the final coat is drying? Always begging to paint your girlfriend’s nails? Yes, you have an obsession with the art of nail design! You kinky bastard!
  • Reading James Joyce Aloud Fetish: There’s something so arousing about a girl reading Ulysses out loud.
  • Baba Ganoush Fetish: With some pita bread and bare skin? You’re such a horn dog…
  • Girl Struggling to Unzip Her Windbreaker Fetish: Yes, it’s the latest fashion trend, but maybe it’s the way she struggles, or how she bites her lip, or possibly how her boobs bounce beneath that layer of plastic.
  • Jason Bateman Fetish: You crafty bitch! You worship his every move, can only climax while Arrested Development is on, and feel no matter what, he’s the real leading man.
  • Women on Riding Lawnmowers Fetish: Maybe it’s the movement, the wind in her hair, the act of doing manual labor… whatever it is, you want it.
  • Amazon Packaging Fetish: Hours of fun. Multiple possibilities. A multitude of hot nights. Unlock your inner goddess.

By Leslie von Tramp

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