Capilouto Steps Down

University of Kentucky President Eli Capilouto resigned last night after rumors that he was behind the Twitter account “Capilouto_tho” were confirmed. Long thought to be a parody account, Capilouto revealed that he was in fact posting the tweets. Many followers of the account had their suspicions raised when the March 1st tweet: “YOU TRY TWEETIN SEE BLUE AN SHIT ALL DAY GOT DAMN GOTTA VENT SOMEWHERE FEEL ME” was posted. Known for its profane language and caps-locked font, the twitter scandal is quickly becoming a headache for the University.

One Board of Trustees member expressed his shock at the highly suggestive nature of the tweets. “‘FLEX DOLLAS A MAKE HER DANCE’? Really, Eli? Of all people he should know Flex Dollars can only be used for on-campus dining.” Another high-ranking official also stated her disappointment with the former President’s actions. “The man posted ‘DUCK FUKE’ in response to our basketball team’s loss to the Duke University. I understand what a ‘duck’ is, but a ‘fuke?’ I cannot fathom what was going through his head when he tweeted that nonsense.”

Despite his detractors, many students rushed to defend Capilouto. “‘RISE AND GRIND LETS GET THIS MONEY’ he says.” What an inspiration. I get a better feel for the real Eli because of this account,” gushed a 7th year senior who chose to remain anonymous.

Though Capilouto is yet to release an official statement, his most recent tweet merely read “HATAS GON HATE IM JUST DOIN ME YA FEEL.”

By Ken Book

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