A Star Among Us


Corey Moore, a senior education major from Florence, Kentucky, announced to a group of friends Friday that he was cast as the original Peter in the 1995 movie Jumanji. When his friends scoffed at what they believed to be a false claim, they consulted IMDB to discover Moore was telling the truth. Within a week the “almost star” has become the coolest, most popular kid on campus.

Moore auditioned for the part when he was four going on five. Due to his height and older appearance he got the part. Two weeks into filming he ate some spoiled yogurt and suffered from food poisoning. Unable to recover, he was forced to resign from the role and was replaced by Bradley Pierce.

Moore, who is tall, dark, handsome, and undeniably charming, decided that he wanted a normal childhood and turned down roles in Mighty Joe Young, The Indian in the Cupboard, Newsies, and ironically Almost Famous. He said had a crush on Kristen Dunst and remembers that Robin Williams was a “real deuce.” When asked if he ever thinks about returning to the flashy lights of Hollywood, he says he is content with the life he chose.

This week alone, Moore has been asked out on several dates, invited to a handful of dances, and been elected as head of numerous clubs on campus. “Yeah, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the reception,” Moore said.

Although he is not a star by standard definition, he is a star to UK! Corey Moore will be signing autographs Monday, outside the Student Center. The first one hundred will receive a free t-shirt. Also, a showing of Jumanji, with commentary by Moore, will be held Friday at 10 p.m. in Worsham Theater.

By Richard S. Keith

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