Big Blue Sacrifice


UK basketball fans have the disappointing last season in the rear-view mirror with a promise of greatness coming from Coach John Calipari’s recruiting class for the 2013-14 season. Already, he has every number one recruit per position. But Cal’s selfish nature refuses to stop there. He is going after the number one player overall since Lebron James: Andrew Wiggins.

However, with the flux of talent coming in as well as many returning players from last season, Wiggins won’t jump on board just yet. “I’d love to play for a championship caliber team, and I know Coach Cal will do anything he can to get me. All I demand in order to be a Wildcat is a blood sacrifice,” Wiggins said.

“I met up with Andrew and was relieved that he was willing to cooperate with such understandable terms,” Calipari remarked. “Big Blue Nation can rest easy.” When asked about whom the sacrifice would be, Cal answered, “Oh. Kyle Wiltjer, no question.”

Kyle commented on the decision, “Eh, I understand. You gotta do what you gotta do. Coach wants a championship team and needs players to contribute. My blood would be worth much more than about 2 three-pointers every few games or so.”

Tickets to the Big Blue Sacrifice will be on sale in the Joe Craft Center starting April 3rd.

By Toby Potts

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