Sophomore Treated Unacceptably by Rude Asshole of an Ex-Boyfriend

Ex-boyfriend Chris Burkley reportedly treated sophomore Lydia Wilson in a completely disrespectful manner earlier today. Burkley has recently had a tendency to have his head stuck up his ass, but this time, oh, did he cross a line. Not only did Burkley, in an unforgivably inconsiderate manner, blatantly ignore Wilson as she passed him on campus, but he also didn’t reply to her tweet at him, nor has he texted her in close to a month. That fuckface Burkley better not have the audacity to text Wilson later this semester when he needs a last-second date for his semi-formal. Just for the record, Wilson would rather go to a semi-formal with an irritable 7-year-old who just shit his pants. You know what, though? Wilson’s not even that pissed off. She just thinks that she should still be treated with a certain amount of cordiality and respect. Is this what she deserves after three years of dating? Three years and four months, to be exact? What, now that it’s over, she doesn’t deserve as much as a head nod? It’s fucking bullshit, that’s what it is. As of press time, Chris Burkley can go to hell.

by Lydia Wilson

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