UK’s Official Color No Longer Royal Blue; Now Merely Regal Blue

It was made apparent Sunday night, in an early morning (3:27 a.m.) email from university President Eli Capilouto, that rumors of an official university color change are true.  UK’s official school colors have changed from royal blue and white to regal blue and white.

The email was sent to the Colonel at approximately 6 a.m. yesterday morning via an anonymous source and was addressed to a Maxine Rodgers.  Little is known about Ms. Rodgers including who she is or what her relation to President Capilouto might be, though I was able to find out that Rodger’s favorite pie flavor is coconut cream.  Nevertheless, the decision has been made by President Capilouto to change the university’s official colors.

The Office of the President declined to comment on the change in color, though a press conference is scheduled for later this week to address that topic.

When former President Lee Todd was asked to comment on this shocking news, he said, “I wish I had the balls to make a decision like this. Sure, you can ban tobacco products on campus, or strive to make the university a Top 20 research institute by 2020, but come on. Every president wants to make a call like this.”

The University of Kentucky is steeped with tradition, functioning as the state’s land-grant university, home of the winningest basketball program in the nation and consistently ranked in the top ten for worst campus parking.  Given university history, most UK supporters are surprised that a change like this has been made.

While opinions on the decision might differ, it is clear that local and national retail suppliers of UK official apparel will benefit the most from this decision, as overly fanatic, 40-year-old UK basketball supporters flock to stores to get updated university apparel.

University students remain indifferent about the change; when asked, most were unaware of the decision, with the majority of students saying that since the NFL replacement referees are gone, they have stopped paying attention to all news sources entirely.  Such statements possibly show the true colors of the average UK student at this ever-changing educational institution.

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