UK Football to Play Trinity High School Next Saturday

Citing a lack of morale and the team’s need to build up some momentum for its upcoming rigorous SEC schedule, UK Athetics Director Mitch Barnhart has stated that the football team will be playing Louisville’s Trinity High School next Saturday. UK was scheduled to play undefeated Mississippi State.

“We understand that the team hasn’t gotten off to the sort of start that we were all looking forward to, but we’re hoping that this move will help them kick-start their season,” said Barnhart. “This home game should be able to rejuvenate our team and re-motivate our fan base.”

When asked about his thoughts on the schedule change, UK quarterback Maxwell Smith said, “We’re just trying to take it one game at a time right now. No matter who we play, we’re gonna go out there and give it 110 percent. If Mitch and [head coach] Joker [Phillips] think that playing Trinity for our next game would be the best game-plan for our team to progress, I completely agree with the decision.” Smith added that his only critique of the change is that that he would have preferred playing a team with a bit of a weaker secondary.

Trinity, who plays DuPont Manual High School on Friday at 7:30 p.m., feels they are up to the task. “We realize we’re going to be a bit fatigued due to the proximity of the two games,” said Trinity’s coach, “but we’re not gonna run away from the challenge. We feel like we are at a level of physical fitness capable of taking on the best high school teams in the nation. And if we can do it once in a weekend, why not do it twice?”

When Trinity’s coach was asked whether he was concerned about the discrepancy in size and skill between high school and collegiate football teams, he smirked, adding, “Have you watched Kentucky play lately?”

Coach Phillips admitted that a win over Trinity wouldn’t be an easy task for Kentucky. “Trinity is on top of their game right now,” he said. “They have 30 wins in a row, and are currently ranked as the top high school team in the nation. They can’t be underestimated.” Phillips added that his first choice as a replacement for the Mississippi State football team would have been Lexington’s Morton Middle School, but the Athletic Department learned that Morton’s students had already consented to go on a trip to Mammoth Cave over the weekend.

Trinity opens as 6-point favorites.


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