UK Men’s Soccer Plays Either This Wednesday or Thursday

The University of Kentucky men’s soccer team will face a tough game this week, playing another university’s soccer team either this Wednesday or Thursday. The UK soccer team, which may or may not have gone undefeated throughout however many games it has already played this season, risks adding one more tally-mark to the loss column if they don’t play up to their potential.

“We need to play well this week,” commented the UK men’s soccer coach, whose last name might start with a “J”, according to Colonel sources.

The coach added, “If Greg Van Arsdale or Clyde Erving, whoever our goalie is, keeps us out of trouble as well as he has during the beginning of the season, we should have a good shot at winning this thing.”

Although UK soccer has usually fallen outside the media spotlight— reporters traditionally choosing to focus on the football program during the fall— this season promises to be different. A group of talented up-and-coming seniors, quite possibly named Mark, Adam, Sterling, Arcadio, and Miguel, are helping to propel the squad’s popularity on campus.

“We’re happy that we’re finally receiving the coverage we’ve always deserved,” said one of the five in an interview earlier last week. He went on to say that he was extremely happy with the team’s new philosophy, which includes a counter-attack mentality, a false nine, and/or the tiki-taka style of quick passing exemplified by Barcelona. The philosophy appears to be more appealing to the UK audience this season.

UK men’s soccer plays every Tuesday and Thursday or every Wednesday and Saturday or randomly dispersed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays throughout the semester at Commonwealth Stadium, those fields off of Alumni Drive, or the Johnson Center fields.

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