President’s Hatred of America the Reason He is President… Obviously – A Review of 2016: Obama’s America

Times have changed in this country – women are working outside the home, atheists are kicking Christian babies in the face, Communists are no longer shot on sight, and an African-“American” man is in the Oval Office. Since he was elected in 2008, Barack Obama has thanked the American public by imploding this country from within, grinning and wiping his anus with our beloved Constitution. Picking up on this fact, honorary patriot Dinesh D’Souza has produced a film demonstrating this man’s inadequacy to serve the American people. However, the film is an utter failure.

Many of the issues stem from the director’s inability to convey his message effectively. Of course Obama inherited his father’s race-based anti-colonial ideology whole cloth – if there’s one thing I learned from my father, it’s everything I know about America: God is great, guns are good, and gays aren’t people. Of course Obama learned how to spit upon American values by attending college and law school in highly selective American institutions – everyone knows the Ivy League trains pinko commie scumbags like William F. Buckley and Mitt Romney. Of course Obama’s election was the result of white guilt overcoming their gratitude for the near-glory of Bush 43’s administration. John McCain is half-communist himself for even touching Russ Feingold. And of course Obama embraced Jeremiah Wright’s black liberation theology as a way to strike at American values: helping people rise out of their God-given roles in life is a sin, New Testament be damned. None of this is either new or particularly damning. Is there anything else you can give us, Dinesh, aside from advice on where to pick up mom-jeans like yours?

Not much, really. In fact, many of D’Souza’s intimations are mere slippery uses of words and concepts, instead of the total fabrications from back in the good-old Cold War days. Instead of waving around a file he claims contains pictures of Obama flossing his teeth with the American flag while simultaneously urinating on it, D’Souza merely bobble-heads his way across the globe trying to present Obama as a living embodiment of the Other. While it is painfully obvious that the common clay of America is scared shitless of anything that even intimates the notion of actual difference, the real point of propaganda is to drive your point further, beyond even the truth, so as to stab your viewers … with the truth. (It’s not a perfect metaphor.) Simply intoning the idea that the president is a socialist anti-colonial firebrand does nothing. Why not just claim to have evidence of him sharing a marihuana “roach” with Osama bin Laden? Taking facts out of context and shoehorning them into your own viewpoint is what has made the Republican Party weak. If facts get in the way, Americanize them with the “right facts”, and call anyone who disagrees with you a communist.

Unfortunately, the GOP remains too lefty to keep radicals like Obama out of office, and D’Souza still retains too much of an affiliation with the liberal enterprise of academia to really usher us backward to the Founding Fathers. Hopefully enough misinformed people can see this movie, and learn from its mistakes, in order to keep an anomaly like Obama from happening again. Only then might we make America American again, and keep it that way for good.

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