CSF To Organize Record-Breaking Wet T-Shirt Contest

Three weeks after the Christian Science Fellowship organized its annual record-breaking water balloon fight, they already have their sights set on new heights. In an attempt to attract Greeks on campus and consolidate their popularity amongst the undergraduate population, CSF members have revealed that they are in the process of organizing the first annual wet t-shirt contest on campus, with all proceeds going to the university’s Violence Intervention and Prevention Center. Preliminary reports suggest that the titillating event is likely to be scheduled for April 2013.

A wet t-shirt contest typically features young female contestants clad in white t-shirts that expose their midriffs, cleavages, and/or breasts.

Traditionally a staple of undergraduate spring break antics, the CSF hopes to utilize the event as a statement for violence prevention.

“We were looking for a positive way to organize students against violence on campus,” explained CSF volunteer Wes Lee. “We were throwing all sorts of ideas around for what we could do, from Ultimate Frisbee to a cornhole tournament. But when someone suggested a wet t-shirt contest, we knew we had a formidable plan.”

Arnold Reynolds, one of the CSF board members, agreed that the contest would help spread awareness about the VIP Center and its mission to stop power-based personal violence.

“We know we have to gather a massive amount of students in order to maximize the impact of our message,” Reynolds said. “We feel like a wet t-shirt contest is one of those things which students of all denominations, nationalities, backgrounds, and races can relate to.”

Reynolds also added: “Who doesn’t love boobs?”

The organizers have their work cut out for them: the current wet t-shirt contest record occurred in Panama City Beach during the spring break of 2008, when 12,000 spectators watched more than 150 young women participate in the competition. However, the CSF seems confident they will come close to exceeding those numbers.

“With enough dedicated volunteers standing abreast and helping out, we could easily top that,” Lee said.

CSF is a nondenominational ministry at the University of Kentucky that organizes more than 150 unique events each year aimed at getting students involved and connected.

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