Believe in the Biebz: a Colonel Album Review

When you think of Justin Bieber, you might think of a sweet innocent voice reminding us all that we just need somebody to love. But with his third album Believe, Justin manages to evolve from boyish innocence to panty-dropper in just one verse (and don’t worry— he may look 12, but he’s legal).

Bieber’s first single “Boyfriend” debuted before the final release of the album. With verses like, “I could be your Buzz Lightyear, fly across the globe” and “swaggie”, it’s clear that Bieber’s lyrics have matured since his sophomore release.

Initially, Bieber’s first track, “All Around the World”, may seem like just another meaningless pop song meant to gain radio play. After my 52nd listen, however, it’s apparent the song is about much more: it is lyrical poetry revolving around humanity’s common desire for love.

Additionally, Bieber manages to create a soulful song from a combination of dubstep, rap, pop, and polka. These components come together to form “As Long as You Love Me”, 2012’s ballad of the year. It’s clear that Bieber’s extensive experience with romance during his life lends a hand in creating such an exquisite ballad.

“Out of Town Girl” directly tackles the hot topic of illegal immigration in the United States. The out of town girl represents the immigrant; Justin, the heroic prince who saves her from deportation. Bieber makes it clear that he’d do anything for her through the repeated verse: “you know I gotta hold it down for my out of town girl, girl, girl, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

The final song, “Maria”, easily happens to be Believe’s best track. Colonel sources claim that Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” heavily influenced the track, but The Biebz manages to update and overshadow M.J.’s pop classic.

Some may dismiss Justin Bieber’s new album as just another example of mainstream musical garbage, but just one listen will prove it deserves a spot among the greats.

The Colonel’s Grade: A+++

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