Lee Todd Has Pool Party With Board of Trustees

LEXINGTON—Just after having announced that the University of Kentucky would accept a donation from Joe Craft, CEO of Alliance Coal, LLC, President Lee Todd, Jr. and several unidentified Board of Trustees members celebrated by having a pool party.

pool party

University of Kentucky President Lee Todd, Jr. relaxes in his backyard pool, located near the driveway of his Rose Street mansion.

“It was a long, hard, contentious meeting, and I felt like I needed to kick back, crack open a few cold ones, and crank the toonage,” Todd said as he reclined leisurely in his backyard pool.

Todd and several of his most trusted confidants were seen testing their luck behind the Rose Street presidential mansion.  The meeting, which was attended by scores of angry protesters, was a particularly difficult time for the beleaguered president, who has faced accusations of under-performance and under-compensation in recent months.

“Fortunately, the Good Lord gave us a perfectly warm autumn afternoon in late October,” Todd said.  “I wanted to take advantage of this time and get away from the hustle and bustle of my day job.”

Colonel reporters were unable to positively identify each of Todd’s pool party guests.

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